Monday, January 9, 2012

Shine, O Eternal Light!

Thy beauty haunts me heart and soul,
Oh, thou fair Moon, so close and bright;
~ William H Davies

The Moon of the Fifth Night

On The Moon
  ~ Jonathan Swift

I with borrowed silver shine,
What you see is none of mine.

First I show you but a quarter,
Like the bow that guards the Tartar:

Then the half, and then the whole,
Ever dancing round the pole.

What will raise your admiration,
I am not one of God's creation,

But sprung (and I this truth maintain),
Like Pallas, from my father's brain.

And after all, I chiefly owe
My beauty to the shades below.

Most wondrous forms you see me wear,
A man, a woman, lion, bear,

A fish, a fowl, a cloud, a field,
All figures heaven or earth can yield;

Like Daphne sometimes in a tree;
Yet am not one of all you see.

Moon Phases

An Eclipse of the Moon
~ Walter Savage Landor

Struggling, and faint, and fainter didst thou wane,
O Moon! and round thee all thy starry train
Came forth to help thee, with half-open eyes,
And trembled every one with still surprise,
That the black Spectre should have dared assail
Their beauteous queen and seize her sacred veil.

Eclipsed Moon from Hiranandani, Powai

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely magical..both picture and prose :-)