Sunday, October 10, 2010

A time to follow your dreams!

There comes a time in life
When there is nothing else to do
But to go your own way.
A time to follow your dreams,
A time to raise the sails of 
Your own beliefs!
Don't let your fears stand in
the way of your dreams!!
~ Sergio Bambaren in "Dolphin - Story of a Dreamer"

2010_10_03_5581 They came flying from the far away  flickr

2010_10_03_5656 migrants are back flickr


Andy said...

Splendid! I go near there every day but have never stopped at a moment to enjoy the spectacles.

Anonymous said...

Stunning man. Great pictures. They talk to you. ~Ajeet Khurana

Anonymous said...

ashish. just too good. has to be taken by a renowned photographer. who is it? take care

Anonymous said...

Absolutely outstanding pics and supporting poem. Keep sharing :-)

Anonymous said...