Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happiness is a choice we alone can make!

As the Moons Fair Image


Sudhir Naik said...

Now that I am an old man, and have time on my side, I often find time to look at the moon, the sea, the sky, the parrots in my garden, the pigeons that come evry morning and share our breakfast. It helps me to look back at my life. And to my hooror I realise that whereas for 3/4th of my likfe, I chased money, shares, made job changes, my true moments of happiness had nothing to do with money.

I remember the soft porn film that I watched with my adolescent son in England, the Madan Mohan and SD Burmanda songs on my car stereo, a sudden full moon that appeared on our way back to Muscat, the spinach filled scone and pastries in Greece and Morocco, the strawberry and cream at Wimbeldon, cheering Ramakant Desai scoring his 80 odd runs from the East stands of Brabourne Stadium, the first saree that I bought for my mother, looking at my daughter's name on the Sydenham College board for securing a gold medal and as Chairperson of PSERF below Deepak Parekh's name, coming to know that my son had refused a fantastic job because it meant selling liquor, reading the announcement that he had become a TED fellow. Many more!!!

But none of them had anything to do with money. So why the hell did I chase money? And why the hell do I still chase it???? Thanks Ashish for pushing me into some introspection

aabid said...

The moon, the sun and the whole solar system is within. Once u realize that u don't have 2 look around 4 anything.

Anonymous said...

Who knew, while doing our articleship you would be so poetic inclined. I guess while adding/subtratcing numbers you were probably also looking at the size and shape. Nice perspective on the moon. Sachin