Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Like an Eagle Caged!

During the summer of 2009, we made a quick trip to the backwaters of Kerala. A couple of days spent at Ashtamudi, followed by 4 days at Poovar, was just right to relax the mind & body.

While in Ashtamudi, we visited Kollam Beach where I clicked this picture of one of the locals, lost in his thoughts as he gazed at the sea. He epitomised the lines of poet Epes Sargent from his well known poem "A Life on the Ocean Wave".

Like an eagle caged
I pine on this dull unchanging shore,
Oh give me the flashing brine
The spray and the tempest's roar.

The poem written by Epes Sargent while taking a stroll on the Battery Park at New York harbour in 1838, was put to music by Henry Russell & later was chosen by Royal Marines Corps Regiment as tune for their quick march in 1882.

P1230909 Kollam Beach Poster 12x8 Like an Eagle

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